From the recording Golden Pick

Written, performed and recorded by Rich Collins
Mixed by Rich Collins and Steve Panacek


I don't want you to be cold
I'll give you my sweater
I don't know what you been told
I'll make you feel better
I want to
Lay my
Head down
You and dream all night

I don't want to take your time
If you don't want to give it
I don't mind standing in line
All will be forgiven
We're walking downtown
Watching the crowd
All I want to do is

Dream all night
Next to you
I'm all right
Thanks to you
Get on with your bad self
It's bad for your good health
To put it on a back shelf
I don't really mind at all
Keep rowing toward a waterfall
I guess I missed a couple calls

I don't want to spend my days
Chasing after money
All I need is all it takes to give you everything you wanted
You're like sunlight
Too bright for my eyes
All I wanna do is

Dream all night
Next to you