1. Whispering

From the recording Golden Pick

Written, performed and recorded by Rich Collins
Mixed by Patrick Dillett
Additional vox by Grace Crescent


Everybody's looking at their phone
All lit up but there's nobody home
I don't really want to be alone

Can you really fake reality
If you're mad at her don't take it out on me
I've been switching off my TV

And I turn my radio on
Cause I'm looking for that song

Wanna hear her whispering to me

On a beach that nobody knows
Feel the sand in between our toes
Your hair is perfect like a video

Cold hands don't make a cold heart
Understand you take it to the start
Do we have to take it all apart

And I hope they play that old song
Yeah I know they'll play that old song

At the disco everybody's dancing
Except for me I'm better at complaining
I'm just saying