From the recording Golden Pick

Written, performed and recorded by Rich Collins
Mixed by Patrick Dillett
Additional vox by Grace Crescent
Pedal Steel by Ed Williams


Let's take it back
Back to where we started from
I'll give you that
You got my heart beating like a drum
Up on the roof
Staring at the clouds and we're never coming down
I'm next to you
Watch the stars come out

I wanna stop the world and start a conversation with you
Wanna spend some time
Here's an invitation to you

Hold on tight
Here comes the hurricane
Watching the satellite
Fly in a plane
Somewhere down in Mexico; never coming back again
Sun on the beach
Got my wayfarers on and the shells beneath my feet
Look at the sky
Singing oh my my

We can watch all the cars drive by
Maybe count every star in the sky

We have it good
Pretty little house in a perfect neighborhood
I'm sleeping late
Got the dog at my feet and the kids are all awake
You're in my dream
Walk along the river like Evangeline
Then I wake up
Wanna fill your cup