From the recording Golden Pick

Written, performed and recorded by Rich Collins
Mixed by Patrick Dillett


Hold up
I'm just saying
I don't even understand why you're playing
Outside in the cold and you know it's raining
Last night
I went crazy
Couple dramas and the rest of it is hazy
Like a baby with a bottle

You broke it and I bought it
Threw it up in the air and then I caught it
Oh inevitably
You're leaving and I'm bleeding
Why does it keep on repeating
Oh listen to me

I don't know
What you're thinking
Got a feeling that the boat we're on is sinking
Like a fish out of the water

Look up
The sun is shining
Got my toes in the sand on this island
It's in the way you go about it

You're too far away
I'm already there
Don't know what to say
Don't know why you care

One; here come the two to the three to the four
Everybody asking me to play more
Two, here come the three to the four to the five
And I'm looking at your pretty green eyes
Everybody in the club getting tipsy