1. Golden Pick

From the recording Golden Pick

Written, performed and recorded by Rich Collins
Mixed by Patrick Dillett
Additional vox by Grace Crescent
Percussion and additional mixing: Eric Heigle
Lead guitar: Billy Franklin


I've got a ukelele with a golden pick
Gonna write a pretty little song with it
Tell my little baby that I love her so

I've got a guitar with a silver string
Sounds like heaven when you hear it ring
Gonna open up the gates and let em sing for you

Oh na na na ...
Tell my little baby that I love her so

I'm pounding out a rhythm on a beat-up drum
One day I'll get it covered up in platinum
A platinum drum and I'm playing a rhythm for you

Diamonds all over my microphone
When the spotlight hit it gonna see it shine
Say that you love me and I'm gonna give it all to you

Rock the rhythm one time
You are the reason that I've got the rhyme
Bring it back to you ...

Stars come out at night
Your eyes are twice as bright
Bring it back to me ...